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iMAT has been manufacturing top quality access control hardware for more than 15 years. With its 2 modern manufacturing plants in Cape Town and Johannesburg, our highly trained technical and manufacturing staff provide and maintain our products nation wide.

Why choose iMat

Find out why iMat is your best choice for top quality access control equipment.
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Full height turnstiles

Built to last, our range of full height turnstiles offers excellent security no matter the application. Read more

Half height turnstiles

Excellent for access control, our range of waist height turnstiles come in various designs. Read more

Vehicle barriers

With our wide range of tough vehicle barriers, managing high traffic volumes is a cinch. Read more

Security Booths

Designed for high security requirements, our booths are the perfect solution to prevent sabotage, theft, or industrial espionage. Read more


Our gates work in conjunction with our turnstiles to  manage paraplegic access, deliveries or in cases of fire, acts as an emergency exit. Read more


We develop a range of accessories that work in conjunction with our other products to provide a complete access control solution. Read more

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