Half height turnstile

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iMAT’s Half Height Turnstile is able to handle large volumes of people with ease.  This turnstile has convenient access and a reliable mechanism. This turnstile is installed at entrances to offices, metros, industrial premises and airports.


  • Reliable and efficient design with silent operation
  • Suitable for internal or external installation
  • Casework and rotor arms in mild steel or stainless steel


  • Hand operated with single walkway
  • Smooth operation
  • Safety configurations for power failure or emergency situations
  • Normally Closed N/C or Normally Open N/O mode
  • LED display status light
  • Card reader or pushbutton control integration
  • Our range of turnstiles are now available with a hygiene/sanitizing option
  • 10 Year warrantee


  • Corporate Facilities
  • Transit Facilities
  • High Security Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Sports Facilities