Access control

iMAT’s product range can be integrated with biometric access control. These fast, accurate and multifunctional devices are the perfect match for your access control and time and attendance requirements. Biometric Identification/Technology works in conjunction with our products by effectively identifying users, eliminating identity theft, and ensuring efficient time and attendance management. We supply ViRDI and Anvis biometric access control solutions.


  • Fingerprint & RFID Access & Time Control Terminals
  • USB Fingerprint Scanners
  • Access Control Door Controllers
  • Access Control Command and Control Software
  • Time & Attendance Software
  • Meal Management Software
  • Tailgate Detection Technology
  • Identity Management Technology and Solutions
  • PC Security Technology
  • OEM Fingerprint Sensors

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  • Biometric
  • Surveilance
  • RFID
  • Cross Chex- Time and Attendance Access Control Management System
  • Security One-Access Control and Surveilance security system
  • Intellisight-Serveilance devices intelligent management system



Visit the Anviz website for full list of products.

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