Vehicle Barriers 24V BLDC- Spike Barrier surface mount

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iMAT’s Spike Barrier would be installed at a higher security entrance or exit used by vehicles in conjunction with the automatic vehicle barrier. It is renowned for the ability of handling a high flow of traffic, and having optimum control of vehicle access.


  • The mechanisms of the barrier pole and the spikes are interlinked and will be open and closed simultaneously
  • The motor and mechanism are situated inside the barrier housing, which is accessed through the door and lockable lid.
  • Robust precision for mechanism and gearbox with sealed bearings is fitted with a 24V Brushless DC motor.
  • Red and green illuminating strip
  • A Pole Designed to hold LED strip


  • Both logics and loop detectors are in the the top of the barrier for easy programming and setup.
  • The barrier incorporates one loop detectors, additional loop detectors are available on request. 


The barrier housing will be built into the ground with the industrial grating level with the road.


  • Transit facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Corporate facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Residential complex
  • Military facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Transport companies.