double security booth

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iMAT’s Double Security Booth provides the highest level of security for environments susceptible to sabotage, or theft. The two-stage authority check ensures maximum safety and security. The compact dimensions of this booth facilitate installation in areas with limited floor space. The elegant design of this booth makes it suitable for many different environments.


  • Internal or semi-external installation
  • Framework in extruded aluminium and fitted with safety glass
  • Available in alternative materials and colours
  • Dimensions: 1600mm Wide x 800mm Long, 2200mm high



  • First door opens on an authorised signal, the user steps in, the door closes, authorised signal, second door opens for passing through
  • Multiple tracking sensors prevent multi person entry
  • Intercom, card reader device or pushbutton integration
  • Passage in both directions and electronically controllable
  • Normally locked mode
  • Metal detector integration (optional)



  • Corporate facilities
  • High security facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Sports facilities